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Analogue/Digital Hybridity in Tabletop Game Design

Do you like board games? Well so do I, so much so, that I researched them for my honours thesis and major work. Not just any type of tabletop game though, hybrid games. 

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Ahoy! – Mockup of the Game App in Action

This video shows an example of the app in action, looking at the settings, running through the tutorial screens, and playing through the digital side of the game. The sound effects used in this mockup include the sound of the sea playing in the background on loop, and the transition noise. The transition noise uses… Continue reading Ahoy! – Mockup of the Game App in Action

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#DIGC310 GUEST TALK: Game Design Process (ft. Expose Yourself)

Just in case you missed it, I had a little guest presentation in the 2017 DIGC310 class to talk about my process of creating a game – how I approached it and what techniques I used to get to the end product. IMPORTANT NOTES: • Although there are two different Soundcloud recordings, they are slightly… Continue reading #DIGC310 GUEST TALK: Game Design Process (ft. Expose Yourself)

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EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

PREZI (square bracketed titles indicate each prezi slide) [General intro] Expose Yourself is a game that I am working on.  The focus is not on the creation of the game – I did that last semester in Digital Game Cultures (DIGC310).  The presentation aims to give a quick context of what the game actually is, before launching… Continue reading EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation