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HACKTIVISTS: Knowledge gives you freedom, and this we will bestow.

Hacktivism is generally the act of gaining access to data and/or networks for a political or social motiviation.  While hacktivism can employ illegal tactics to reach this goal, should it be defined as malicious?  The crime they commit is essentially an act of curiousity, a yearning to know more, to learn more, and to share… Continue reading HACKTIVISTS: Knowledge gives you freedom, and this we will bestow.

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Connectivity is Power

This week’s lecture discussed social media being used as a tool to organise revolutions, however the key message wasn’t the #mena #arabspring or #maidan revolutions, bur rather it revolved around censorship, how social media can be used to get around it. The internet, being an anarchic environment, allows for anyone to participate.  There  are no in built filters,… Continue reading Connectivity is Power

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LIVE FOR NOW. [#DIGC202 intro]

Heya!  I’m Elysse.  This is my fourth year at uni, where hopefully I’ll get a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the end of the journey.  With a major in Graphic Design and (hopefully) Music, as well as a minor in Digital Media and Communication. TL;DR? Basically, I keep myself busy. If the reading for this week… Continue reading LIVE FOR NOW. [#DIGC202 intro]