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#DIGC310 GUEST TALK: Game Design Process (ft. Expose Yourself)

Just in case you missed it, I had a little guest presentation in the 2017 DIGC310 class to talk about my process of creating a game – how I approached it and what techniques I used to get to the end product. IMPORTANT NOTES: • Although there are two different Soundcloud recordings, they are slightly… Continue reading #DIGC310 GUEST TALK: Game Design Process (ft. Expose Yourself)

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Playtest #1: My freelance game.

THIS POST IS IN RELATION TO MY GAME DESIGN. (MORE INFO HERE: 1 | 2 ) The first playtest is always an interesting one.  It’s the playtest you have where you know everything will be extremely dodgy and nothing will work, but you can’t quite figure out how to solve these problems yet; hence turning… Continue reading Playtest #1: My freelance game.

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#DIGC310: Subject Outline Recap

First week of uni is out of the way and I’m feeling thoroughly disorganised. As such, I thought whipping up a quick image to print out and stick on my wall would be appropriate. The image includes all of the assessments for this subject, which, if done properly, should lead me to pass.  The visual layout… Continue reading #DIGC310: Subject Outline Recap