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EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

PREZI (square bracketed titles indicate each prezi slide) [General intro] Expose Yourself is a game that I am working on.  The focus is not on the creation of the game – I did that last semester in Digital Game Cultures (DIGC310).  The presentation aims to give a quick context of what the game actually is, before launching… Continue reading EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

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Working All The Time (The Life of Liquid Labour)

Welcome to the new age, where we are expected to be available 24/7 and the by-product of your labour is not a physical item as such, but rather a something intangible – information.  In the modern life dominated by instant connectivity through the virtual world our society has responded to this instant global access by changing the way we approach the… Continue reading Working All The Time (The Life of Liquid Labour)