Playback through the tubes

When testing, I found that when the vocal lines are sung, the different intonations of the voice affected how clear the standing waves appeared within the Ruben’s tubes.  To counter this, I ended up creating midi versions of each resonant frequency line in Sibelius (taken from here and here).  Because the recording of the final… Continue reading Playback through the tubes

CAMS390 · Music

Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently researching installations which incorporate sound and image in a unique and interesting way.  This is because I have my music major project coming up this semester – that’s right, one final subject before I finish my undergrad.  One of the videos which stood out most to me… Continue reading Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

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Revolution of glitches

Glitch art in our current day and age is essentially a visual aesthetic.  It has evolved from the past, drawing upon dead media technologies where errors would often take a visual form.  I raise that this glitch aesthetic is drawing upon dead media technologies mostly because the technologies of our current day and age exist… Continue reading Revolution of glitches


Wearing Memory – Haji Oh

Todays class was about experience and reflection, either of the original Godzilla movie or Haji Oh’s exhibition.  I chose the latter, and have recorded my thoughts through audio via. soundcloud.  I have also included a transcript of what is said for those who prefer to read, accompanied by pictures throughout.  Even if you don’t read… Continue reading Wearing Memory – Haji Oh