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EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

PREZI (square bracketed titles indicate each prezi slide) [General intro] Expose Yourself is a game that I am working on.  The focus is not on the creation of the game – I did that last semester in Digital Game Cultures (DIGC310).  The presentation aims to give a quick context of what the game actually is, before launching… Continue reading EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

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When I was in highschool, I got into the habit of trawling through YouTube to find various A Cappella artists and and performances from groups of this nature.  This was partly because I myself was involved in an A Cappella group and was looking to find new repertoire, but also because I really enjoy listening to… Continue reading GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION!

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Design as a Medium: The Medium is the Message

“The Medium is the Message” – that is to say, that the things we interact with in our own environment – whether it be a practical item such as a television, or even a settings, such as a lecture hall – play a pivotal role in the way we understand the message of our what we are connecting… Continue reading Design as a Medium: The Medium is the Message

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ELYSSE IS TURNING 21: Facebook Reminder Pics

So as my event fast approaches, I wanted to find a way to remind people of some of the little things to remember for the party. The first little image I have created is to remind people to bring swimmers. This continues utilising the branding I have already set up for my event (see HERE… Continue reading ELYSSE IS TURNING 21: Facebook Reminder Pics

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Social Media Networks and brand promotion

I have been looking into social media and how it can be used to promote brands.  Social media is a widely used tool in this modern age for communication between brand and audience, both its intended target market, and sometimes even generate a secondary market, just by being in a place which is accessible to… Continue reading Social Media Networks and brand promotion