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Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently researching installations which incorporate sound and image in a unique and interesting way.  This is because I have my music major project coming up this semester – that’s right, one final subject before I finish my undergrad.  One of the videos which stood out most to me… Continue reading Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

CAMS390 · Music

Project Proposal: When Music Meets Fire

I want to create a live performance, installation piece, utilising multiple Ruben’s Tubes as a visual component, responding to an original composition written to emphasise specific resonant frequencies.  These resonant frequencies will depict a standing wave visualised in the flames of the Ruben’s Tube. Currently, my plan is to work with a set of tubes… Continue reading Project Proposal: When Music Meets Fire

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When I was in highschool, I got into the habit of trawling through YouTube to find various A Cappella artists and and performances from groups of this nature.  This was partly because I myself was involved in an A Cappella group and was looking to find new repertoire, but also because I really enjoy listening to… Continue reading GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION!