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My 21st birthday is fast approaching, and as a designer, I’ve been playing around with designs for a while… I wanted to include relevant information such as the purpose for the event; the date; and the need for RSVP in the cover photo, so that people knew straight up that I meant business; while still… Continue reading ELYSSE IS TURNING 21

CAGD390 · Graphic Design · Mind the Windows


DESIGN ISSUE To investigate brand identity development and systems thinking in conjunction with user interface design DESIGN CONTEXT through logo design, the formation of a social media strategy, and website re-design HOW exploring the use of visual representation and perceived emotional corporate image to contribute towards an overall brand identity, and exploring the use of… Continue reading DESIGN CONCEPT

CAGD390 · Graphic Design

Social Media Networks and brand promotion

I have been looking into social media and how it can be used to promote brands.  Social media is a widely used tool in this modern age for communication between brand and audience, both its intended target market, and sometimes even generate a secondary market, just by being in a place which is accessible to… Continue reading Social Media Networks and brand promotion