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Major Third – Elysse Turner with Harmony: Through The Flames

  About the work Visualising music in various forms is not a new concept, whether it’s a work of art derived from the musical work, or a digital analyser formulating algorithms to create digital imagery synced to the pace of the song.  ‘Harmony: Through The Flames’ draws inspiration from how to represent music graphically, creating a… Continue reading Major Third – Elysse Turner with Harmony: Through The Flames

CAMS390 · Music

Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently researching installations which incorporate sound and image in a unique and interesting way.  This is because I have my music major project coming up this semester – that’s right, one final subject before I finish my undergrad.  One of the videos which stood out most to me… Continue reading Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

CAMS390 · Music

Project Proposal: When Music Meets Fire

I want to create a live performance, installation piece, utilising multiple Ruben’s Tubes as a visual component, responding to an original composition written to emphasise specific resonant frequencies.  These resonant frequencies will depict a standing wave visualised in the flames of the Ruben’s Tube. Currently, my plan is to work with a set of tubes… Continue reading Project Proposal: When Music Meets Fire

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#DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap

Yep. It’s that time of year again! The next semester is about to start, and once again I’ve opted to summarise as much of the important information as possible onto a single A4 page.  This has been designed to print out and chuck on your wall!  If you do happen to use it, then that’s fabulous, just… Continue reading #DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap

Daily Creative · DIGC335 · Digital Media · Graphic Design

A Digital Network: Brand and Consumer

After a semester of research into online identities and branding, I finally  have a finished product!  Definitely the most interesting research based assignment I’ve undertaken at university which is both brilliant and terrifying because the research hasn’t just stopped because I finished the subject.  Anywho, the image below is linked, and the PDF is interactive… Continue reading A Digital Network: Brand and Consumer

BCM112 · DIGC335 · Digital Media

User Generated Content

When brands utilise fan made, or user generated content, it becomes the advertising equivalent of citizen journalism.  It promotes the idea of participatory culture, while also adding to the narrative of the brand identity, and creating a community of collective understanding, collective intelligence, and collective passion (or brand tribes) around the brand organisation. If a brand… Continue reading User Generated Content