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User Generated Content

When brands utilise fan made, or user generated content, it becomes the advertising equivalent of citizen journalism.  It promotes the idea of participatory culture, while also adding to the narrative of the brand identity, and creating a community of collective understanding, collective intelligence, and collective passion (or brand tribes) around the brand organisation. If a brand… Continue reading User Generated Content

BCM112 · Digital Media

#BCM112 Annotated Bibliography

  My Online Collaborative Exploration into OPM WHAT IS IT?: Digital Artefact for DIGC330.  Exploration into online collaboration, utilising self-reflexivity to analyse my experience, the process, and comparing it to that of my co-collaborator. HOW’S IT RELEVANT?: Utilising the internet as a means for connecting people to create.  Discusses recording parts in separation, and techniques to blend the… Continue reading #BCM112 Annotated Bibliography

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Revolution of glitches

Glitch art in our current day and age is essentially a visual aesthetic.  It has evolved from the past, drawing upon dead media technologies where errors would often take a visual form.  I raise that this glitch aesthetic is drawing upon dead media technologies mostly because the technologies of our current day and age exist… Continue reading Revolution of glitches

BCM112 · Daily Creative · Digital Media · Movie

A Pixelated Haze: always on connectivity

This video explores the relationship we have with our mobile phones, looking at the ‘always on connectivity’ we interact with, in an extreme day in the life  scenario.  I have included a transcript of the voiceover below for two reasons: The first is so that you can choose to read along if you wish, and the… Continue reading A Pixelated Haze: always on connectivity

BCM112 · Daily Creative · Digital Media

Music Sampling and Copyright

This Soundcloud podcast looks at copyright law in relation to music, and song sampling, giving a brief overview on how it is approached in our current society.  Copyright is intended as a system which protects the original works of creators, and is designed to incentivise creation, however the system as it stands creates a group of… Continue reading Music Sampling and Copyright